switch from iphone to android: step 1 motivation

I bought android device in the very early android time.
It was really a pain to use it: bad user experience (UX stands for user experience) and even worse hardware (HTC … i never buy it again).

Then I bought iPhone and all has changed: nice UX, seamless apps synchronization and cloud backups.
All was fine … until vacations 2014.
I saw a lot of people use android devices. What more they looks pretty happy and went with mobiles into water!
Don’t worry, they liked their devices, simply some of new android devices (like Sony Xperia Z3 or Samsung Galaxy S5) are water resistant.

There are nice some features common for many android devices:

  • A lot of them has a big display (OK Apple iPhone 6 has too … finally)
  • nice photo camera
  • NFC (not limited as apple want)
  • ANT+ support (sport devices standard)
  • the price is lower, even in the premium segment, compared to the apple devices
  • devices support SD cards which let you extend internal memory (e.g. Samsung Memory 64GB card is about 30€)

Google Play Store (there you can download or buy apps) is huge and you can find almost all the apps which you use on the iPhone. Of course there some apps only for iOS but also some only for android (e.g. slideshare app).

A lot of services supports login with google account. It works much better on android, compared to iphone, because google account is deeply integrated with android. To use android you have to have google account. So, to authorize an app with google account you don’t have to input user name and password but just allow app to access your google profile/account data.

All nice but you can ask a simple question which changes all: is it possible to switch to android and do not lost all my data?
The answer is: YES, it is possible and the switch is not SO hard.

I the next posts you can expect some instructions:

  1. how import contacts from iphone to android device
  2. choose a beautiful calendar and notification app
  3. customize look and feel of you android device (with different icons etc.)
  4. configure notifications (android 5 lollipop comes with nice update there)
  5. install nice and free twitter plugin
  6. … lets see what comes next 😉

Stay tuned!

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